About Us

Our Mission And Goals

WordPress is becoming one of the largest platforms for building and managing sites easily and effectively. It is really very mind-blowing how simple this procedure has been made by WordPress. You can create a wide range of websites of various niches to fulfill different needs with it and this way you can bring your imagination into reality by shaping them in the manner you want. It allows the users to build up their own website from scratch and it offers them complete command over the design, structure, and performance of your site page. Focusing on that we have chosen to assist our clients by offering them WordPress themes and plugins which will be made accessible to them for 24*7. 

Every website proprietors are aware of this fact that they need bunches of themes and plugins to build up a successful WordPress based website. You can actually create any sort of website that you need to fulfill the need of your business. Everything relies upon your creative and innovative skills and also the needs and requirements of yours. Since WordPress is powering up the vast majority of the latest Websites, themes, and plugins for creating and managing these websites effectively and efficiently is also in huge demand. But these products are not affordable for every business and especially the small scale business. These Themes and Plugins are quite costly and for small ventures, it isn’t entirely plausible for them to spend an excessive amount of money just to create a website.

We have just one significant Mission and that Mission is to make these Themes and Plugins accessible for everybody and at incredibly low costs to accordingly enhancing the endeavors of the Users. Themes and Plugins that normally cost thousands of dollars are effectively accessible herewith at a Budget-Friendly Price. We comprehend the fact that pretty much every individual wants to begin their own business and it would be grievous in the event if they fail to do it since they didn’t have the vital resources. This Forum is designed particularly for those individuals who have a desire to start their own business and yet are facing a tough time due to a lack of financial resources. Then for such individuals, we are availing these Themes and Plugins at an easily accessible price that will permit them to build up their business with much less effort.

Why Choose WordPress Plaza?

Authentic, Verified, and Genuine Products

We are the first GPL Website that has a Review Process which implies all the Plugins, Themes, Templates, and Scripts passes through our strict review procedure which profoundly examines and verifies that it has 100% original source code. 

WordPress Plaza is GPL authorized and all the items made accessible by the trusted and verified sellers. Most GPL websites put nulled or cracked Themes and Modules for you to download for free however that would be a downright awful thought.

Downloading Nulled or Cracked Themes and Plugins is certainly not a smart idea since you don’t have absolute power over this software. These items could have been made with a malignant aim to hack you or attack your privacy. We all are aware of identity theft cases and other such malignant activates that this cracked software can be utilized for. 

With WordPress Plaza, you don’t need to stress over the entirety of that since all the products here are trusted and verified.

WordPress Plaza has a Vast Assortment of Functional WordPress and WooCommerce Themes and Plugins that implies our item’s genuine works premium. 

There are numerous websites that are in a race of adding databases while compromising the quality and service of products. But, We want to furnish our clients with bona fide Functional Products without any kind of compromisation.

Priority Support

We take pride in our customer support. No matter what kind of problem our customers are facing regarding the themes and plugins, our Live Chat team always stays on call to assist them to resolve that issue.

Fastest Updates

Our service is remarkable to offer the fastest Updates as compared to the other websites.